Does it always work with all pets?

Two dogs with Pet Fence

We have never encountered a Pet that does not respond. If your pet’s collar is fitted correctly and after a period of training it will not go past the warning zone. On the very rare occasion that a large dog might ‘brave’ the correction, a more powerful collar is available.

Will it hurt my pet?

Obviously your pet will have to encounter a correction in the early stages of training. However, after the appropriate training period the pet will heed the audible warning and afterwards never penetrate the correction zone. The small discomfort encountered at the initial stages far outweighs the possible dangers of your much loved pet disappearing or being run over.

What if I move house – can I take the system with me?

Unlike iron fencing, sheep wire, panels etc., if you move you can take the transmitter and collars with you in order to install at your new home. Generally it is best to fit new wire and leave the old wire behind. Why not tell your buyer of the virtues of your system? They may have pets also.

Is it expensive to run?

The system requires a very small amount of power to run and the cost per annum is not more than £10.00. The same as a transistor radio.

How long will the collar batteries last?

The batteries last up to 8 months but we would advise that you change the batteries after 6 months. The adjustable collar has a light that will flash to warn you that the batteries are low.

Can I easily change my system layout?

Do you want to exclude the Swimming Pool? Vegetable Bed? It is very easily done , just add to the circuit or take away as you need but you must use the special water-tight joiners.

How long does training my Pet take?

All Pets are different. Some learn faster than others and are more adaptable to new challenges. Generally training takes a couple days, by introducing the pet to the fence about 3 times each day.