Dog Panting


The installation service was swift and highly professional and the system has been a complete success.’ Mr. D, Alton

Thank you for solving our dog problem to such good effect.Mr P, Co. Kildare

The dogs have got the idea! Thanks for your efficiency and professionalism in the way that you dealt with it from start to finish‘! Mr. F, Newbury

Having a rooftop garden on the 3rd. floor in the King’s Road, we so hoped it would allow our cat to roam and not wander or fall as has happened. The system has been absolutely marvellous.Ms G, London

It has completely changed our lives, no more worries or anxiety and our pets have freedom.Mr. M, Bristol

I had my doubts but now I cannot imagine life without your fence.’ Mr F, Sussex

We had spent so much on fencing but to no avail. We had to try your fence because the gamekeeper said next time the dog would be shot. It has worked perfectly.Mr. G, Gloucester

I was astounded at how well it works. In fact the dog wags his tail when we put on his collar because he knows it means he can run in the garden’! Mrs. A, Birmingham

Living so close to the road I could never let the cats out of the house. Now they have a new lease of life. I’m so pleased’! Miss C, Swansea