What is a PetFence?

It is a system for keeping pets within the boundary of a property without the need to install and maintain an unsightly and expensive traditional fence or an electric fence.

The concept was introduced in America more than twenty years ago and over a million pets now benefit from it.

A training system which, because pet behaviour is usually easy to condition, succeeds in substituting a psychological boundary for a physical one.

A system that allows your pet the freedom of your garden, but still keeps them contained, with a fence that is invisible.

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Dogs, Cats, and other Animals.Petfence collar

The skill of the engineers in miniaturising the receiver to such an extent that it measures just 55x23x24mm and weighs only 50gms (approx 1.75oz), including the microprocessor and batteries and is programmable to 10 levels, means that our PetFence can now happily be used to keep your cats safely within your property as well as your dogs.

There are differences, of course, between cats and dogs and special instructions regarding both installation and training are provided with the kit.